ThinkVitals An innovative mobile web application

To support clinicians and managers to work effectively in acute environments, the ThinkVitals mobile web application offers:

  • An easy-to-use mobile application implementing the latest touch-screen technology
  • A ward layout editor tool that enables the hospital to own ward views essentially adding dynamic bed management to the application
  • A summary page displaying the patient’s vital signs through colour-coded NEWS2 scores identifying priority patients
  • Automated NEWS2 scores removing paper, reducing errors in manual calculation and allowing accurate reporting
  • Dynamic patient updates viewable in real time
  • Up-to-date patient information fully integrated using standard HL7 message protocols
  • Links to protocol advice allowing healthcare staff to follow clinical guidelines that are both specific to the hospital and conform to national standards
  • Choice of device as the software is device agnostic and will work on the latest iOS, Android and Windows devices*



Ward Layout View

Prioritising patients can be complex and time-consuming process. Our Ward Layout View offers clinicians an at-a-glance view of the ward and each bay within the ward displaying each patient’s location and condition. By linking to the coloured-coded NEWS2 scores, clinical staff can immediately see which patients require more urgent attention and prioritise them on their rounds.

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