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ThinkVitals is an intuitive clinical observations app, developed by Logo_TS_horizontal the sister company to ThinkVitals in association with Chelsea and Westminster hospital. ThinkVitals enables clinicians to electronically capture patient’s vital signs in association with the NEWS score, aiding improved patient care.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

eHealth Insider

eHealth Insider

Success at Chelsea and Westminster

Success at Chelsea and Westminster

“Like most trusts in the country, we have dedicated and hardworking but busy clinicians in our wards. To improve the way we deliver patient care, we are investing in technology that can make the recording of patients’ vital signs more accurate, but also reduce the burden of manual, paper-based tasks by doctors and nurses.”

Dr Gary Davies, Clinical Director for Acute Medicine

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


A safer, smarter approach to patient care.

An Innovative Mobile Web Application

  • An intuitive mobile application implementing latest touch screen technology, fully integrated using standard HL7 message protocols.
  • Automated NEWS score removing paper, reducing errors in manual calculations and allowing accurate reporting.
  • A graphical ward layout editor tool that enables the hospital to “draw” it’s own ward views, essentially adding dynamic bed management to the application
  • Dynamic real time patient updates highly improve response times by alerting staff to patients whose condition require immediate or intensive attention.

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Ward Layout View

Prioritising patients can be complex and time-consuming process. Our Ward Layout View offers clinicians an at-a-glance view of the ward and each bay within the ward displaying each patient’s location and condition. By linking to the coloured-coded NEWS scores, clinical staff can immediately see which patients require more urgent attention and prioritise them on their rounds.



As no two wards are the same, we have developed the Ward Layout Editor tool to enable each healthcare organisation to create a realistic representation of each ward and/or clinic themselves, in order to help identify patient locations and visualise the state of each patient in relation to NEWS scoring.

An ambition for greater patient safety


The Trust has an ambition to digitise the process of recording and monitoring national early warning scores (NEWS) to assess the severity of acute illnesses. This approach is saving clinicians time by automating manual NEWS calculations and increasing safety levels by alerting staff to patients whose condition is deteriorating. В 

“The ThinkVitals team has been very responsive to our suggestions and feedback – they have listened and understood our requirements and this has allowed us to push the software forward. From the start we liked the interface of the application and the intuitive nature of its functionality.”

Dr Gary Davies, Clinical Director for Acute Medicine

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Our unique relationship with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has enabled our experienced team of software developers to create a proven mobile application that is truly centred on the requirements of end users.

We have also partnered with CW+, the charity for the hospital, which has invested in Think Vitals as part of their innovation programme. The charity invests in financially sustainable innovations, facilities and technologies which improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


As a trust that treats more than 360,000 patients a year and one of the top five hospitals in England for low mortality rates, Chelsea and Westminster has patient safety at the core of its organisation.




The charity for ChelseaВ andВ WestminsterВ HospitalВ whichВ exists to make care better for patients and their families through pioneering research, innovation, art and design. www.cwplus.org.uk

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“““The team’s flexibility in its approach has meant we have been able to create something that really works, not on paper, but also in practice. The complex nature of healthcare means there are challenges in implementing new technologies in hospitals, but by talking to the nurses and doctors using the technology, this has allowed clinical engagement to happen quickly and effectively.”

Dr Gary Davies, Clinical Director for Acute Medicine

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Sepsis Indicator

SEPSIS: Improving early detection

and survival outcomes


Over 37,000 lives are claimed by sepsis in the UK each year. If the infection is not treated quickly, it can progress to a state of severe sepsis resulting in multi-organ failure, septic shock and ultimately death. Aside from the significant clinical dangers to patients, sepsis also costs the NHS ВЈ2.5 billion every year.В 


Prompt diagnosis and clinical intervention in relation to sepsis is key to improving survival rates. With cases of sepsis increasing annually by 8-13%…

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​Success at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Acute & General Medicine Conference

The Thinkvitals team attended the Acute & General Medicine conference from the 12th to the 13th December…

8th December 2015

London NHS trust launches app to help treat patients at risk of deterioration and sepsis

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have gone live on an eObservations application…

26th July 2015

Sepsis: improving recognition and management conference

ThinkVitals is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Sepsis: improving recognition and management conference, on the 14th October, 2015 in London.

22nd July 2015

Completing the Picture Conference

The ThinkVitals team attended the Completing the Picture 2015 Conference in Oxford on the 17th June. This event was organized by WelchAllyn, a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment.

18th July 2015

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